Truffle Paddock

Black Gold 150gm


Our Black Gold Honey contains 8 grams of locally grown black winter French truffle.
This rich honey laced with black winter truffle, looks spectacular and tastes even better. Perfect with blue cheese, brie and camembert the sweet and savoury combinations work so well. Our honey comes from the urban beekeeping specialists, Melbourne's own Rooftop Honey.

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Our three truffle honeys are made by our friends Vanessa and Mat from urban bee-keepers Melbourne Rooftop Honey. “Pass the truffle honey” is a clear honey with slices of fresh truffle through it. Great on toast, drizzled over blue or white mould cheeses and superb when basting poultry and your favourite roasting vegetables. “Crème de la Crème” is a creamed honey which uses truffle pieces – it’s also great on toast or a cheese platter. Our “Black Gold” is a rich dark honey which includes 8 grams of truffle in each jar – the truffle is freeze dried and ground to a fine powder which is them folded through a rich dark honey. No one makes anything like these truffle honeys anywhere in the world. And we pay apiarists fair prices for high quality honey that isn’t adulterated like so many products on the shelves today.