Truffle Paddock

Dip Drizzle and Dress 155ml

Truffle Sauces

Our truffle ponzu is the perfect dipping sauce for dumplings, drizzling over fish or dressing a salad and steamed vegetable. 

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Truffle Sauces

Our two pasta sauces are richly flavoured and incredibly versatile. “Pimp my Pasta” is a beautiful blend of porcini mushrooms, black truffle, tomato and thyme. Porcini and truffles are a classic combination – and while it’s superb with your favourite pasta, it’s also great as a pizza base too. And remember, with truffles, a little goes a long way. “The Sauce is Sloshed” because it features truffle, tomato and Cabernet Merlot. Great with pasta, but also a great Bolognese style sauce base for pasta or lasagne. “Dip, Drizzle and Dress” is high-powered umami in a bottle! It’s a Japanese style Ponzu sauce - perfect for drizzling over steamed seafood, dipping your favourite dumpling or dressing a salad or steamed vegetables.