Truffle shuffle fries

Lasse Povlsen Serves 2


About 150 grams of fried per person

Pecorino Cheese (or Gruyere if you prefer a more melted gooey cheese finish)

About 20 grams of Holy Moly Truffle Aioli per person

If you like sauce with your fries, add about 10 grams of Truffle Paddock King of the Ketchups.


Not everyone has a deep fryer, so don’t worry. Fries cooked in the oven can end up quite nicely as well. Especially when you finish them with loads of cheese on top and served with our Truffle Paddock Holy Moly Truffle Aioli.

Toss your fries with a bit of oil and cook in the oven or fryer if you have one. Make sure to toss the cooked fries with some truffle salt after cooking!

Then shave, grate or microplane Pecorino cheese over your fries to your point of happiness, and add a desert spoon sized scoop of Truffle Paddock Holy Moly Truffle Aioli – Heaven!

If you like sauce with your fries, add about 10 grams of King of the Ketchups on the side too!

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