About Us

Our story

We grow black winter truffles at our truffle farm, and work with artisan producers across Australia to bring you affordable truffle products all year round. We're all about “democratising the truffle” – making truffle produce available to an increasingly knowledgeable and appreciative Australian audience. We make truffle tastes an affordable luxury!

Unlike most imported European truffle products which use cheap summer truffle (look for Tuber aestivum on their labels), all of our truffle products contain real French black winter truffles (Tuber melanosporum) from our own farm or elsewhere in Australia, together with some truffle aroma sourced from France. These are then partnered with the finest ingredients to deliver tasty and affordable truffle tastes all year round.

When we started one of the first big truffle plantations in Tasmania almost 20 years ago, there was no Australian truffle industry. Twenty years on, Australia is now the world’s fourth largest truffle growing nation! We celebrate this success with our own range of fine Australian truffle products. Our uniquely Australian truffle products are named after our farm – the “Truffle Paddock”. 

The farm

Our farm is in the hills behind Westernport Bay in Gippsland, near Phillip Island, in Victoria, Australia. Nigel Wood and Ruth Newton began farming at Grantville in 2002, following Nigel’s earlier involvement in one of the first large truffle farms in Tasmania. We have 600 inoculated truffle trees on our farm - these "host trees" are mostly evergreen oaks but there are some hazel nut host trees. The truffle fungus forms a symbiotic relationship with its host tree, with each "feeding" the other. We replicate this mutually beneficial partnership in our relationships with the artisan producers we work with to bring you our tasty range of truffle products.

Each year we open our farm to visitors as part of the Truffle Hunt Program and we look forward to welcoming you sometime soon!

Our team

Our Founder, Nigel Wood, established Truffle Melbourne - now the largest truffle celebration outside outside Europe. During the winter truffle season, he hosts truffle feasts, manages the 60+ event program, and in partnership with the finest artisan producers, makes delicious truffle produce with Australia’s finest fresh black winter truffle. You can contact him directly on 0408176617.

Our product range has been developed with advice from expert chefs including Jesse Gerner (Bomba), Philippe Mouchel, Steve Rogers and Lasse Povlsen And we've worked with expert artisan producers like our friends Vanessa and Matt from Melbourne Rooftop Honey to produce our range of truffle products. You can find our produce in good delis and fine food stores across town – here’s where.