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Truffle Melbourne "Nero Negroni" - Truffle Negroni

Truffle Cocktails

This bright hued and refreshing drink is a modern classic with a truffle twist. It only has four ingredients - gin, vermouth, aperitif and of course, truffle.

Although the Negroni was originally designed to stimulate the appetite, it's easily adapted to suit any time of day. This bottle has 3 serves so it's a bargain at just over $8/shot. Just pour into ice filled whiskey glasses, garnish with orange peel and kick back and enjoy!

Add to cart 225 mL $24.50

Truffle Cocktails

Truffles and spirits are natural partners and have been for centuries as liquors preserve truffles for a long time - this was the original way of preserving truffles before the invention of refrigeration. The truffles add a rich flavour to any of their spirit hosts. With the fresh truffle season now over, we couldn't resist pairing the last fresh truffles with vodka and gin to hand make and bottle ready to drink cocktails for your enjoyment. Each is a different mix with different proportions to make a one, two or three shot truffle fix, so some bottles might look a bit "empty", but each of these will fill you with truffle joy! Just open, add ice, your favourite garnish and savour the flavour!