Our Product Range

Truffle Oil

A good truffle oil is hard to find. Our “Truffle met an Olive” is a great Australian olive oil, with fresh truffle pieces and it’s the perfect finishing oil for a huge range of tastes – from pasta, to risotto, salad, or pizza, and great for truffle pop-corn, with your favourite truffle salt! The 100 Ml bottle is the perfect size and price too – it won’t be an expensive relic sitting in the back of your cupboard next year!

Truffle Sauces and Dressings

Our two pasta sauces are richly flavoured and incredibly versatile - great all year round! Our new salad dressing is a vinaigrette style dressing and superb with vegetables and just about any salad. Dip, Drizzle and Dress” is high-powered umami in a bottle! It’s a Japanese style Ponzu sauce - perfect for drizzling over steamed seafood, dipping your favourite dumpling or dressing a salad or steamed vegetables.


“Salt of the Earth” truffle salt is an exceptional blend of Australian sea salt and fresh black truffle. The two combine to lift any dish where salt is needed – and those are many! Available in a 70 gram retail jar or 400 gram food service pack.

“Black Beauty” is a unique combination of Australian seas salt, black truffle and black garlic. The garlic makes our already extraordinary truffle salt exceptional – it’s superb in a wide range of dishes, from truffle pop-corn, to roasted vegies to breakfast eggs – a umami overload!


Our three truffle honeys are made by our friends Vanessa and Mat from urban bee-keepers Melbourne Rooftop Honey. “Pass the truffle honey” is a clear honey with slices of fresh truffle through it. Great on toast, drizzled over blue or white mould cheeses and superb when basting poultry and your favourite roasting vegetables. “Crème de la Crème” is a creamed honey which uses truffle pieces – it’s also great on toast or a cheese platter. Our “Black Gold” is a rich dark honey which includes 8 grams of truffle in each jar – the truffle is freeze dried and ground to a fine powder which is them folded through a rich dark honey.

No one makes anything like these truffle honeys anywhere in the world. And we pay apiarists fair prices for high quality honey that isn’t adulterated like so many products on the shelves today.

Caterer's packs/Food service range

Our most popular and versatile products are now available in food service sized packs. Each offers attractive and cost effective truffle taste sensations to add to your menu

Fresh Truffles

We're truffle farmers first and foremost. So during the winter fresh truffle season you can order fresh truffles online through our partner website www.trufflemelbourne.com
Enjoy this affordable seasonal product while you can! These are only available online - not through our stockists.

Gift Box Sets

Beautifully packaged and filled with five different choices of Australia's most popular range of black truffle products.

Truffle Cocktails

Truffles and spirits are natural partners and have been for centuries as liquors preserve truffles for a long time - this was the original way of preserving truffles before the invention of refrigeration. The truffles add a rich flavour to any of their spirit hosts.

With the fresh truffle season now over, we couldn't resist pairing the last fresh truffles with vodka and gin to hand make and bottle ready to drink cocktails for your enjoyment.

Each is a different mix with different proportions to make a one, two or three shot truffle fix, so some bottles might look a bit "empty", but each of these will fill you with truffle joy! Just open, add ice, your favourite garnish and savour the flavour!